MASS: Music Audio Signal Separation


This database was created to help to evaluate of Musical Audio Signal Separation algorithms and statements on a representative set of professionally produced music (i.e. real music recordings).



  • Fixed matlab code to load Bearlin-Roads.


  • Tracks of Sargon-Silenci were rearranged.
  • All audio files were normalized to 44.1Khz and 24bits.
  • Description


Description of dataset

We include several song snips of a few seconds (10s-40s) with the following contents:

  • Tracks (with/without effects): Stereo Microsoft PCM WAV files (44.1Khz, 24 bits) of every instrumental track including and/or without including effects (plugins enabled or disabled in the project file used for production)
  • Description of the effects: When available, we include a description of the plugins used to modify the tracks without effects.
  • Lyrics: When available, lyrics are included.
  • License: All licenses allow these data sets to be used in scientific research but other may grant other priviledges (such as by-nc Creative Common licensed work).

Instructions for loading a data set in matlab

Uncompress the data set in a folder

Download the following matlab file:

Execute in matlab as follows:
= loadSources(datasetFolder,effects);

With effects set to 0 to load the tracks without effects and set to 1 to load the tracks with effects.



Please kindly complete the following request form to download the database.

Please acknowledge this dataset in academic research.