Twelve algorithms were tested: 6 participants submitted a total of 11 algorithms and an open-source algorithm (GPL-licensed) was downloaded from the web. They are listed below in alphabetical order. The contest organisers did not compete.

Algorithms were either Windows or Linux binaries, Matlab-compiled programs or Matlab code.

Miguel Alonso et al. from the ENST in Paris submitted two algorithms: Alonso_auco and Alonso_sppr. See (1).

Simon Dixon from the OEFAI in Vienna submitted three entries to the contest: Dixon_indu, Dixon_trac and Dixon_auco. See (2) and (3).

Anssi Klapuri from the University of Tampere submitted one algorithm. See (4).


The source code of Eric Scheirer's algorithm (formerly MIT Media Lab) was downloaded from the web ( Anssi Klapuri did the porting to Linux.

George Tzanetakis from Victoria University submitted 3 entries (Tzan_histsumbands, Tzan_medsumbands and Tzan_medmultibands). See (7).

Christian Uhle from Fraunhofer Research submitted one algorithm. See (8).

Fabien Gouyon 2004-10-18