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Seminar by Rafael Ramirez at City University London

Rafael Ramirez will give a seminar with the title "The ProSeMus Project: from Expressive Performance to Cognitive State Decoding"as part of research seminar of the Music Informatics Research Group of City University London on Monday December 15th 2008.

Abstract: In this talk we present current research carried out within the ProSeMus project. In particular, we present research on (1) expressive music performance computational modeling using machine learning techniques, (2) style-based automatic performer identification, and (3) automatic instantaneous cognitive state decoding based on a person functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data. We discuss the results and describe some areas of future research. 

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New research project: Music 3.0
The MTG has started a new research project funded by the program Avanza Contenidos of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Turism and Trade. The main goal of the project Music 3.0 is to develop an experimental web-based system for music creation, interaction and socialization. Such system should integrate the most recent technologies of the Web 2.0, advanced on-line tools for music creation, and large sound and music repositories. For such system there will be a need to develop social networking models specific for music, models for the treatment of music content and also models for the creation of new content.
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Premis al projecte empresarial de la Reactable

El projecte d'empresa Reactable Systems guanya dos premis dins del 8è Concurs d'Idees de Negoci, iniciativa d'ACC10 CIDEM-COPCA. Reactable Systems és la iniciativa empresarial de Sergi Jordà, Günter Geiger, Martin Kaltenbrunner i Marcos Alonso, per a posar al mercat la Reactable.

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Updated version of SMS code
Rich Eakin, Master student working at the MTG, has updated the open source Spectral Modeling Synthesis C software library originally developed by Xavier Serra for his PhD thesis in 1989. The library, called libsms, is distributed with source code and under GNU license and it has been tested with Ubuntu. Rich has also added a Pd (Pure Data) library of externals alongside libsms to be used for real-time applications.
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Seminar by Masataka Goto on Active Listening Interfaces

Masataka Goto, senior research scientist at AIST, will be giving a research seminar on December 9th 2008 at 11am on the França Auditorium with the title "Active Music Listening Interfaces Based on Music-Understanding Technologies".


People who can actively interact with music have traditionally been considered musicians in the sense that "actively" implies the creation of music. On the other hand, ordinary people have been just listeners who could interact with music only passively. When the recording of music to audio storage media became a reality, however, some people started interacting with music in more active ways, for example, by specifying the playback order of songs or adjusting frequency characteristics by using tone controls. Recent advances in computer and music-understanding technologies will further affect how people interact with music.

In this seminar, I will introduce our research aimed at building "Active Music Listening Interfaces" [M. Goto, Proc. of IEEE ICASSP 2007] to demonstrate the importance of music-understanding technologies and the benefit they offer to ordinary people (end users). Active music listening is a way of listening to music through active interactions. Given polyphonic sound mixtures taken from available music recordings, our interfaces enrich end-users' music listening experiences by applying our automatic music-understanding technologies based on signal processing. In this research, "active" does not mean the creation of new music, but any active experience that is part of enjoying music. For example, our active music listening interface with a chorus-search function, "SmartMusicKIOSK" [M. Goto, IEEE Trans. ASLP, Vol.14, No.5, 2006], enables a user to skim rapidly through a musical piece by easily skipping sections of no interest while viewing a visual representation of music structure. During the playback of a song, "LyricSynchronizer" [H. Fujihara et al., Proc. of IEEE ISM 2006] with a lyrics synchronization function displays scrolling lyrics and highlights the phrase currently sung. A user can easily follow the current playback position and click on a word in the lyrics to listen to it. By suppressing drum sounds and adding other drum sounds, "Drumix" [K. Yoshii et al., IPSJ Journal, Vol.48, No.3, 2007] with a drum-sound recognition function enables a user to change the volume and timbre of drum sounds and rearrange rhythmic patterns of these drum sounds during playback. These interfaces can also be regarded as "Augmented Music-Understanding Interfaces" that facilitate deeper understanding of music by end users.


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Seminar by Emilia Gomez on MIR and Flamenco music

Emilia Gomez will be giving a research seminar on Thursday November 27th 2008 at 3pm in room 103 of the França building with the title: "Music Analysis, Similarity and Classification based on Chroma Features: Examples of the Study of Flamenco Music"

Abstract: Chroma features are widely used in the Music Information Retrieval field for a wide range of applications. They are computed from audio recordings and they represent the pitch class distribution of a musical piece. Most of the work until now has focused on the analysis of music from the Western tradition, but we might ask if the available methods are suitable when analyzing music from other cultures. I will present some of my work on this field, focusing on the use of chroma features for harmonic and tonal analysis of polyphonic audio and music similarity. I will also put forward some research on the comparative analysis of music from different parts of the world by means of chroma feature extraction and data mining techniques. I will illustrate the talk with some excerpts of flamenco music, characterized by the presence of microtonality and a high degree of ornamentation.

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Participation at the Supercomputing Conference 2008

Xavier Serra will be giving a tutorial and participating in a panel both focused on the topics of Sound and Music Computing related to High Performance Computing at SC08. The conference takes place in Austin, Texas, from November 15th to the 21st, 2008.

The SC Conference is the premier international conference for high performance computing (HPC), networking, storage and analysis. and the participation of Xavier Serra is part of the Music Initiative at this year's conference.

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Jornada de portes obertes del DTIC i IUA

El proper 21 de novembre del 2008 tindrà lloc una jornada de portes obertes per mostrar la recerca que es fa dins del Departament de Tecnologies de la Informació i les Comunicacions i del Institut Universitari de l'Audiovisual de la UPF. El Graham Coleman i el Ferdinand Fuhrmann faran diverses demostracions de les aplicacions que s'han desenvolupat al MTG en l'àmbit de la síntesis i el processament d'àudio i de les aplicacions desenvolupades en l'àmbit de la descripció automàtica de la música. També hi podreu veure la Reactable.

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Acte d'inauguració del Màster en Tecnologies del So i de la Música

El dimarts 2 de Desembre del 2008, a les 18:00 hores, a l'Auditori Caixa Catalunya de La Pedrera tindrà lloc l'acte d'inauguració del Màster en Tecnologies del So i de la Música de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra, que s'ha iniciat aquest curs i que s'ofereix en col.laboració amb l'Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya i amb el suport de l'Obra Social de Caixa Catalunya.

Presentaran l'acte representants de les institucions implicades en el Màster i a continuació s'oferirà un concert amb el següent programa:

  • Dues obres amb l'Orquestra de portàtils de l'ESMUC
    Intèrprets: Ariadna Alsina, Alex Barrachina, Mathieu Bosi, Graham Coleman, Regina Domingo, Oriol Tió, Josep M. Comajuncosas (coordinador)
  • Dues improvisacions amb la Reactable
    Intèrprets: Sergi Jordà, Marcos Alonso, Günter Geiger, Martin Kaltenbrunner

El concert està organitzat en col·laboració amb la Fundació Phonos.

Desprès del concert s'oferirà un petit refrigeri als assistents.

Lloc de l'acte: Auditori Caixa Catalunya, Provença 261-265. Barcelona

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Sergi Jordà on an international tour with the Reactable

Sergi Jordà will give a number of lectures and concerts in the USA, France and Poland in the next two weeks. Here is a detailed schedule of the tour.

  • Saturday 15 November: Reactable installation and demos at >play Media Conference 2008, UC Berkeley HaasSchool of Business, CA, USA (
  • Monday 17 November, 10:00am: Lecture at "Physical Interaction Design for Music", CCRMA, Stanford University, CA, USA (
  • Monday 17 November, 19:30pm: Lecture at The Mills College Department and the Center for Contemporary Music, Oakland, CA, USA (
  • Wednesday, 19 November, 16:00pm: Lecture at CRCA in the SpatLab, UCSD San Diego, CA, USA (
  • Friday, November 21 2008 20:00pm: Lecture at Terry Winograd's "Human-Computer Interaction Seminar", Stanford HCI Group, Stanford University, CA, USA (
  • Friday, November 21 2008 20:00: Reactable Concert at the Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, CA, USA
    An evening of ReacTable solos and duets featuring guest composer Sergi Jorda and Mills instrumentalists.
  • Monday, November 24 2008, 14:00pm: Conference at the Journée d’Étude Internationale "Musique et Interactivité", Salle des Actes, Université Paris Sorbonne, Paris IV, FR
  • Thursday, November 27: Reactable workshop and presentation, at the Krakow Academy of Music, Krakow, PL
  • Friday, November 28: Reactable concert at the Krakow, Audio Art Festival, Krakow, PL
  • Saturday, November 29: Reactable concert, at Ars Amaralis Festival in ccoperation with New Music Festival, Academy of Music in Katowice, - Katowice, PL
  • Sunday, November 30: Reactable concert at Warsaw, Center for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Audio Art Festival, Warsaw, PL 
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