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Participation at DAFX08

Jordi Bonada, Graham Coleman and Alfonso Perez participated at the International Conference on Digital Audio Effects that took place at the Helsinki University of technology from Sept. 1st to the 4th. They presented the following papers:

Within DAFX08 Jordi and Graham also organized an open meeting to plan the cross-community evaluation of audio effects DAFxTRa.

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Freesound Radio online

The Freesound Radio is an experimental web-based system developed at the MTG by Gerard Roma to experiment around collaboration and social interaction in sample based music creations, using as the source of sounds. The Editor interface allows users to put together short sonic creations (sample patches) using samples from the database. The Player interface offers a meeting place to listen and interact with the existing creations. Within the Player interface the listeners can participate in modifying the sonic creations through an evolutionary algorithm that takes listeners preferences and constantly modifies the submitted sonic creations in a collaborative way.

Radio editor


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Two articles in Physics of Life Reviews

Two tutorial articles written by MTG researchers about computational models of music perception and cognition have been published in the journal Physics of Life Reviews.

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Participation at ICMC 2008

Alfonso Perez and Graham Coleman participated at the International Computer Music Conference that took place in Belfast from the 24th to the 29th of August. Graham gave a demo of his Mused system and Alfonso presented the following paper:

Perez, A., Maestre, E., Ramirez, R., Kersten, S.  Expressive Irish Fiddle Performance Model Informed with Bowing.


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Participation at Music, Language, and the Mind

Inês Salselas presented a poster on her research work at the Music, Language, and the Mind Conference that took place at Tufts University (USA) from July 10th to the 13th.

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Participation at CogSci 2008

Amaury Hazan and Piotr Holonowicz presented a poster at the 30th Annual meeting of Cognitive Science Society (CogSci 2008) that was held in Washington D.C from July 23rd to the 26th. The work presented is the result of the research done at the MTG in the context of the EMCAP project.

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Participation at SMC08

Jordi Janer and Stephan Kersten will be presenting several papers from the MTG at the Sound and Music Conference that will take place in Berlin from July 31st to August 3rd 2008.

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Seminar by Juanjo Burred on Musical Source Sparation

Juanjo Burred, researcher from IRCAM, will give a seminar on "Supervised Musical Source Separation from Mono and Stereo Mixtures based on Sinusoidal Modeling" on Tuesday July 22nd at 12:30 in room 301 of Ocata.

Abstract: The talk addresses the separation of single-channel and two-channel mixtures of musical instruments, partially relying on a timbre modeling method that delivers a set of compact templates describing the dynamic behavior of the spectral envelope. Detected sinusoidal tracks are grouped according to common-fate and continuation cues validated by using the templates as reference. For stereo separation, this principle is combined by a previous stage of blind source separation based on l1-norm minimization and exploiting spatial diversity. The timbre modeling stage can furthermore be used for other content retrieval applications such as musical instrument classification and polyphonic instrument detection.

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Article in IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing

A new article focused on the PhD work of Joan Serrà has been published in the August 2008 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing. 

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Participation at MML08 and at the Neurosciences and Music-III

Rafael Ramirez presented a poster at the Neurosciences and Music - III conference that took place in Montreal from the 25th to the 28th of June and also presented two papers at the International Workshop on Machine Learning and Music that took place in Helsinki from July 5th to the 12th within the 25th International Conference on Machine Learning.

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