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Seminar on Complex Networks by Massimiliano Zanin
On July 12 (Monday) of 2010 at 15:30 there will be a talk on Complex Networks by Massimiliano Zanin from INNAXIS Foundation & Research Institute in room 55.410.

"An introduction to Complex Networks"
Abstract: The last decade has witnessed the birth of a new paradigm in the study of complex systems. Through the use of networks, it is possible to extract the inner structure of many systems, both tangible objects in Euclidean space, or more abstract entities. The massive analysis of networks from different research fields has produced a series of unexpected results: for instance, the identification of some unifying principles and statistical properties common to almost all real networks. In turn, there results have been used to understand how those real systems work, and to improve their performance. In this talk, we will give an overview of some aspects of Complex Networks: main definitions, techniques and methods which are used to understand the inner structure of different complex systems and describe their internal dynamics and evolution.
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Col·laboració amb el Programa Joves i Ciència de Caixa Catalunya
Per segon any consecutiu el MTG col·labora amb el Programa Joves i Ciència de l'Obra Social de Caixa Catalunya. Deu estudiants de secundaria han estat seleccionats per participar en el projecte "Els Sons de la Natura" que es fa al Centre Natura Caixa Catalunya a Planes de Son del 28 de juny al 11 de juliol del 2010. El Jordi Janer i  Josep Maria Comajuncosas són els professors d'aquest any. A més, dos estudiants de primer de batxillerat, estudiants de la promoció de l'any 2009, treballaran al MTG durant el mes de Juliol en projectes de recerca sota la supervisió d'investigadors del MTG.
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Master thesis presentations
On the 28th, 29th and 30th of June, there will be the presentations of the thesis of the Sound and Music Computing Masterthat have been carried out during the academic year 2009-2010. The presentations will take place in Room 52.425 of the Communication Campus.

Monday June 28th

  • 10:00h: Antonio Escamilla, "3D Audio Effects for Multichannel Reproduction"
  • 10:30h: Sebastian Vega, ''Automatic Mixing of Multi-track Audio''
  • 11:00h: Marti Umbert, ''Spoken radio synthesizer''
  • 11:30h: Ahmed Nagi, "Voice Driven Controller for Software Synthesizer"
  • 12:00h: Carlos de los Santos: ''Linear and non-linear Time Series Analysis'' 

Tuesday June 29th

  • 10:00h: Pablo Molina, ''DJ support agent based on audio mosaicing''
  • 10:30h: Frederic Font, ''Design and evaluation of a visualization interface for querying large unstructured sound databases''
  • 11:00h: Leodinas Ioannidis Karaousos, ''Automatic classification of makam scales''
  • 16:00h: Jesús Gómez, ''AMuSeD: Audio Mosaicing under a Semantic Description''
  • 16:30h: Víctor Jiménez, "Soundscape highlights extractor for Freesound"
  • 17:00h: Papiotis Panagiotis, ''Real-Time accompaniment using Query-by-Humming''

Wednesday June 30th

  • 10:30h: Marco Marchini, ''Online Machine system for Understanding Percussion Pattern''
  • 11:00h: Zuriñe Resa, ‘'Temporal patterns of music listening''
  • 11:30h: Andreas Neocleous, ''Expressive performance modeling''
  • 12:00h: Francisco Garcia,  ''Acquisition and study of blowing pressure profiles in recorder playing''
  • 12:30h: Leny Vinceslas, "Modeling of gesture-sound relationship in recorder playing: a study of blowing pressure"
  • 13:00h: Laia Cagigal, ''SinG_Guitar: Design of a singer-centered interface for controlling guitar synthesis based on expression models''
  • 13:30h: Pratyush, ''Detection of Ornamentation in Indian Classical Music''    

Thursday July 15th

  • 16:00h: Josep Maria Comajuncosas, "Expressive Breath Modeling"
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The studies of Sonology are official in Spain

The Spanish Government has just approved a decree that makes the studies of Sonology one of the official specializations of the undergraduate music degree (together with the traditional specializations in music performance, composition, musicology, etc). Up to now Sonology was only offered by ESMUC and with the only the recognition of the Catalan Government.

After the published decree that can be found here and that defines the general guidelines for the different music specializations, the Government of Catalonia is preparing a complementary act that will detail the Sonology curriculum that will be offered in Catalonia. Every Spanish region will do the same.

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Presentation of projects supported by Sons de Barcelona

On the 15th of June 2010 at 10am in room 52.S25 there will be the presentation of the projects selected through the Call for Sound Works of Sons de Barcelona that was launched in 2009. These projects have been done during this academic year with the help of Phonos and Sons de Barcelona.

The projects are "Everyday Audioway" by Dmitry BOGDANOV and Dr TIKOV, consisting in the sound recording of everyday paths done by several people in Barcelona, and a projects developed by the students from the 4th year of ESO of the school Oriol Martorell, consisting in the production of creative videos and their sound tracks.

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Phonos Concerts: 16th and 17th of June
Two concerts organized by Phonos on the 16th and 17th of June at 19:30 on the Espai Polivalent of the Communication Campus. On the 16th by Xelo Giner (saxophones) and Damien Paradisi (accordion/electronics) and on the 17th by Polonio.
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Published the list of accepted contributions to SMC2010
The review process for the Sound and Music Computing Conference has been finished and the results are on line. The list of accepted papers and pieces for SMC2010 has been published on the website of the conference.
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Participation to IDC2010 in Barcelona

Oscar Mayor presents an article on KaleiVoiceCope at the International Conference on Interaction Design and Children that takes place in Barcelona from June 9th to the 12th 2010. The Conference is organized by people from the UPF.

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Phonos: Audiovisual and Musical Grants for Young Creators
The Phonos Foundation offers grants to young creators. The deadline for applications is June 20th 2010.
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Phonos Concert: ESMUC Laptop Orchestra
On Tuesday 1st of June 2010 at 19:30h in the Espai Polivalent of the Tànger Building, Phonos Foundation organizes a concert by the ESMUC Laptop Orchestra.
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