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Conferencia de Xavier Serra al 22@Update Breakfast

En Xavier Serra participarà en el proper 22@Update Breakfast que tindrà lloc el dijous, 30 d'octubre de 2008 de 08:30 a 10:00 hores a Lavinia TV (c\ Pujades, 81) i que tractarà sobre el tema de "Producció col·laborativa i propietat intel·lectual en entorns digitals".

La conferencia d'en Xavier Serra porta el titol de "Explotació de la producció col·laborativa de continguts multimèdia". En aquesta xerrada es presentarà la idea de producció col.laborativa en el context d'Internet, concepte també conegut com producció social, mostrant exemples en l'àmbit dels continguts multimedia i en especial en l'àmbit de la música. A partir d'aquests nous models de producció alternatius a la producció industrial tradicional es discuteix diferents models per a la seva sostenibilitat econòmica. Es farà servir el exemple de per a presentar una iniciativa concreta sorgida des de Barcelona que està explorant diferents models d'explotació per a la seva sostenibilitat.

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Article in Empirical Musicology Review

An article by Emilia Gómez and Perfecto Herrera has just been published in the last issue of the journal Empirical Musicology Review.

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New EU project related to virtual worlds
The MTG is one of the partners of a new EU project called Metaverse1 that started on October 1st 2008 and that will promote global standards among real and virtual worlds. The Metaverse1 project will provide a standardized global framework that enables the interoperability between virtual worlds (as for example Second Life, World of Warcraft, IMVU, Google Earth and many others) and the real world (sensors, actuators, vision and rendering, social and welfare systems, banking, insurance, travel, real estate and many others). 
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16 Master thesis have been finished this year at the MTG

In the context of the TICMA and CSIM Masters of the DTIC-UPF, 16 thesis have been carried out and finished during the academic year 2007-2008 under the supervision of researchers of the MTG. These thesis are:



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Participation at TABLETOP 2008

Sergi Jordà and Carles F. Julià participated at the Third Annual IEEE International Workshop on Horizontal Interactive Human-Computer Systems (TABLETOP) that took place in Amsterdam from the 1st to the 3rd of October 2008. Carles presented the following paper:

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Master in SMC starts with 23 students and support from Caixa Catalunya

The Master in Sound and Music Computing of the UPF started last week for the first time. We had 60 applications and after the selection process the following students are now starting the program: Leonardo Aldrey (Venezuela), Mathieu Bosi (Italy), Juan Jesus Cabrera (Andalucia), Laia Cagigal (Catalunya), Richard Eakin (USA), Nathaniel Finney (USA), Frederic Font (Catalunya), Francisco Garcia (Canarias), Stefan Huber (Germany), Robert Hutchison (UK),  Victor Jimenez (Catalunya), Olivier Lalonde (Canada), Daniel Martin (Catalunya), Agustin Martorell (Madrid), Pablo Molina (Valencia), Saso Musevic (Slovenia), Thomas Najnudel (France), Tan Hakan Ozaslan (Turkey), Giotis Panagiotis (Greece), Cristian Quirante (Catalunya), Anandhi Ramesh (India), Zuriñe Resa (Pais Vasco), Charalampos Christos Stamatopoulos (Greece).

The MTG has received a funding of 40000€ from Caixa Catalunya to support the Master and its related activities for this first year.

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Seminar by Darrell Conklin on pattern discovery in music
Darrell Conklin, researcher at City University London, will give a seminar with the title "Discovery of Distinctive Patterns in Music" on Thursday Oct. 2 2008 at 3pm in the França Auditorium as part of the DTIC research seminars.

Abstract: This talk proposes a new view of pattern discovery in music: mining of a corpus for patterns that are overrepresented with respect to an anticorpus. Distinctive patterns have applicability to comparative music analysis tasks where an anticorpus can be defined and contrasted with an analysis corpus. An algorithm for distinctive pattern discovery will be described and illustrated on three different problems: a motivic analysis of a Brahms string quartet, a comparative analysis of European folk song melodies, and a tripartite music genre analysis using chord patterns.
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Emilia Gomez gives a seminar at McGill

Emilia Gómez gave a seminar at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology of McGill University in Montreal on Sept. 23th 2008 with the title: "Music Analysis, Similarity and Classification based on Chroma Features: Examples of the Study of Flamenco Music". 

Emilia's visit to McGill is in the context of a research collaboration between the MTG and CIRMMT for the study of flamenco music.

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Participació a netAudio Barcelona 2008
Bram de Jong, Ariadna Alsina, Gerard Roma i Anna Xambó participen a les jornades de netAudio Barcelona 2008 fent una presentació el 27 de Setembre a les 17:45 al CCCB sobre els projectes Sons de Barcelona, i Freesound Radio.
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Participation at ISMIR 2008 and success at MIREX

Oscar Celma, Mohamed Sordo and Cyril Laurier participated at the 9th International Conference in Music Information Retrieval that took place in Philadelphia from the 14th to the 18th of September. This year's conference included one paper, three posters and one demo describing research carried out at the MTG.

For its second consecutive year the submission by Joan Serrà, in collaboration with Emila Gomez and Perfecto Herrera, for the Audio Cover Song Identification task scored the best at MIREX, which is the Music Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange that happens in the context of ISMIR. The system that they submitted this year included some important modifications and parameter tuning with respect to last year submission and it obtained the best results in all evaluation measures considered. Its accuracy also proved to be statistically significant in comparison to the other systems in this task.

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