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Xavier Serra keynote speaker at DAFX07 and IEEE-MMSP-2007

Xavier Serra has been invited to be a Keynote speaker at the 10th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects in Bordeaux on Sept. 14th and at the IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing in Crete on Oct. 1st.

The talk at DAFX07 will focus on ''The Origins of DAFx and its Future within the Sound and Music Computing Field' and the talk at IEEE-MMSP-2007 will be on 'State of the Art and Future Directions in Musical Sound Synthesis'.

More information about the programs of the Conferences: IEEE-MMSP-2007 program, DAFX07 program

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ReacTable en el Centro de Arte Laboral de Gijón

La instalación se mostrará en la exposición Gameworld Expansion Pack: Playware.

Más información: Artículo en

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BMAT finalist at Popkomm-IMEA 2007

BMAT, the spin-off of the MTG, finalist for the Innovation in Music and Entertainment Awards at Popkomm 2007.

Four European companies (including BMAT) two U.S. ventures, plus an Australian and an Israely company are the eight finalists at this year's Popkomm Innovation in Music and Entertainment Awards (IMEA) that will take place on on Sept 19 in Berlin. Popkomm is one of the world's leading music, media & entertainment industry tradeshows, conferences and showcase festivals.

Article on BillBoard: Popkomm IMEA Shortlist Unveiled

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MTG presentations at ICMC 2007

Esteban Maestre and Amaury Hazan present at ICMC 2007 in Copenhagen.

Maestre, E. Bonada, J. Blaauw, M. Perez, A. Guaus, E. 2007. 'Acquisition of violin instrumental gestures using a commercial EMF device'

Jensenius, A. Camurri, A. Castagné, N. Maestre, E. Malloch, J. McGilvray, D. Schwarz, D. Wright, M. 2007. 'The need of formats for streaming and storing music-related movement and gesture data'

Hazan, A., Brossier P., Holonowicz P., Herrera P., & Purwins H. 2007. "Expectation along the beat: a use case for music expectation models".

More information about the ICMC Conference: ICMC 2007 program

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Workshop on Computational Models for Music Similarity applied to Flamenco Music

The 4th International Workshop on Computational Music Theory, to be held at ESMUC in Barcelona July 16-20th, will concentrate on collaborative problem-solving on musical similarity with special attention to Flamenco music. Actually, the title of this year's workshop is Computational Models for Music Similarity applied to Flamenco Music. One of the goals of the workshop is to start new collaborations on research topics involving the interplay of mathematics and music. The structure of the workshop will consist of background lectures, brain-storming sessions, and playing music together. Some reading material will be given to the participants before the workshop in due time. The workshop activities will then be divided into two large areas: the study of current state of the art research, and the discussion of current research problems.

This workshop is organized in collaboration with the ESMUC and the Music Technology Group of the Pompeu Fabra University

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Xavier Serra gives a Google Tech Talk
On July 10th Xavier Serra gave a Tech Talk at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California with the title "From Sound Synthesis to Sound Retrieval and Back". The talk went over the ties that exist between some of the current trends in sound generation for music and multimedia applications and the techniques for content based sound retrieval. It presented some of the research carried out in the Music Technology Group, in particular it went over the work on spectral based concatenative synthesis and on sound and music retrieval. It also presented the Freesound project, showing the potential that this open and shared resource has for the research on sound retrieval and for experimenting with new sound generation systems.

The talk is available at Google video: Serra Tech Talk

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El “Calidoscopi de la Veu” a l’exposició Núm3ros de CosmoCaixa

El sistema de transformació de veu anomenat “El Calidoscopi de la Veu” desenvolupat pel Grup de Recerca en Tecnologia Musical de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra, forma part de l’exposició Núm3ros del CosmoCaixa d’Alcobendas.

Amb aquest sistema els visitants del museu poden apropar-se a un micròfon que capta la seva veu, l’analitza i la transforma en una veu amb caràcter diferent, des d’un nen a un vell passant per un canvi de gènere o transformant-la en una veu de robot o d’un monstre sortit d’una pel•lícula de ciència ficció. Els visitants poden escollir la transformació desitjada representada per una icona de forma molt senzilla mitjançant una pantalla tàctil, i en temps real sobre una pantalla de 40’’ es visualitzen aspectes tímbrics i paràmetres físics de la veu de l’usuari i de la veu transformada.

El sistema està de forma permanent a l’exposició que va començar el passat 8 de maig i acaba l’1 de Setembre del 2008 i es trasllada al museu CosmoCaixa de Barcelona a finals del 2008.


Num3ros al Cosmocaixa

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Jordi Bonada guanya el Rosina Ribalta

Jordi Bonada, investigador del MTG, ha obtingut el primer premi Rosina Ribalta, atorgat per la Fundació EPSON "als millors projectes de tesi doctoral dins l'àmbit de les Tecnologies de l'Informació i les Comunicacions". Considerant la qualitat i la planificació dels projectes, l'interés social i cientìfic del seu plantejament, aixì com els mèrits del candidat, el jurat ha decidit per unanimitat otorgar aquest primer premi al seu projecte de tesi doctoral titulat: "Synthesis of the Singing Voice by Performance Sampling and Spectral Models".

Per a més informació:
Nota premsa UPF.
Noticia a VilaWeb.

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The MTG contributes to the Sound and Music Computing roadmap

The MTG has been part of the consortium that elaborated the roadmap on Sound and Music Computing. The roadmap identifies, characterises and proposes strategies for tackling the key research challenges facing this diverse field in the next ten to 15 years, overcoming the present fragmentation of effort and stamping out a common research agenda for future European output.

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Icelandic singer Björk incorporates the reactable as a key instrument of her Volta world tour

With her first tour concert at the Coachella Festival in California, the Icelandic singer Björk introduced the reacTable for the first time to a mainstream audience. Our instrument will form a key element of the artist's current world tour "Volta" which will appear at numerous music festivals during the next 18 months.

For more information download the official Press release.

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