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Sound Transformation by Descriptor Using an Analytic Domain

Title Sound Transformation by Descriptor Using an Analytic Domain
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2008
Conference Name International Conference on Digital Audio Effects
Authors Coleman, G. , & Bonada J.
Conference Start Date 01/09/2008
Conference Location Espoo, Finland
Abstract In many applications of sound transformation, such as sound design, mixing, mastering, and composition the user interactively searches for appropriate parameters. However, automatic applications of sound transformation, such as mosaicing, may require choosing parameters without user intervention. When the target can be specified by its synthesis context, or by example (from features of the example), “adaptive effects” can provide such control. But there exist few general strategies for building adaptive effects from arbitrary sets of transformations and descriptor targets. In this study, we decouple the usually direct link between analysis and transformation in adaptive effects, attempting to include more diverse transformations and descriptors in adaptive transformation, if at the cost of additional complexity or difficulty. We build an analytic model of a deliberately simple transformation-descriptor (TD) domain, and show some preliminary results.
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