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Modeling the influence of performance controls on Violin Timbre

Title Modeling the influence of performance controls on Violin Timbre
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2009
Conference Name Music and Machine Learning workshop at the European Conference on Machine Learning
Authors Pérez, A. , & Bonada J.
Conference Start Date 06/09/2009
Conference Location Bled slovenija
Abstract By means of a sensing system we are able to capture bowing
and ¯ngering actions executed by a violinist during real performances.
The aim of this research is to model the relation between those actions
and the sound produced. We describe the process for training and op-
timizing the model by means of neural networks. Given a set of control
actions, the model is able to predict the spectral envelopes of the har-
monic and noisy components of the sound which are used for sound
synthesis. The model is validated by comparing a real recording with the
corresponding synthetic sound produced.
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