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Tangible Jukebox: Back to palpable music

Title Tangible Jukebox: Back to palpable music
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2010
Conference Name Tangible Embedded and Embodied Interaction
Authors Gallardo, D. , & Jordà S.
Conference Start Date 25/01/2010
Publisher ACM New York, USA
Conference Location MIT medialab, Boston MA
ISBN Number 978-1-60558-841-4

Since commercial music exists, it hasbeen distributed by means of a physical support, usually accompaniedwith a pretty design as a cover. Nowadays, record companies havestarted to distribute music over the Internet making music somethingintangible. Due to the fact that music does not take physical spaceanymore, we can now store amazingly big music collection in ourcomputers, and the musical container unit swaps from albums toplay-lists.

What I propose with this paper is thecreation of a system where files (intangible) become to physicalobjects again, recovering part of the mysticism related with vinyldiscs or compact discs and applying the advantages that a tangibletabletop interface can offer to this system.

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