The reactable

TitleThe reactable
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsJordà, S.
EditorPolotti, P., & Rocchesso D.
Book TitleSound to Sense, Sense to Sound – A state of the art in Sound and Music Computing
CityBerlin, Germany
PublisherLogos Verlag Berlin GmbH
ISBN Number978-3-8325-1600-0
KeywordsAudio Signal Processing, music cognition, Music Control and Performance, Sonic Interaction Design, Sound and Music Computing
AbstractSince the 1950's, Sound and Music Computing (SMC) research has been producing a profound impact on the development of culture and technology in our post-industrial society. SMC research approaches the whole sound and music communication chain from a multidisciplinary point of view. By combining scientific, technological and artistic methodologies it aims at understanding, modelling, representing and producing sound and music using computational approaches. This book, by describing the state of the art in SMC research, gives hints of future developments, whose general purpose will be to bridge the semantic gap, the hiatus that currently separates sound from sense and sense from sound.
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