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BeatJockey: A new tool for enhancing DJ skills

Title BeatJockey: A new tool for enhancing DJ skills
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2011
Conference Name New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME)
Authors Molina, P. , Haro G. G. , & Jordà S.
Pagination 288-291
Conference Start Date 30/05/2011
Conference Location Oslo, Norway
ISSN Number 2220-4792
Abstract We present BeatJockey, a prototype interface which makes use of Audio Mosaicing (AM), beat-tracking and machine learning  techniques,  for  supporting  Diskjockeys  (DJs)  by proposing them new ways of interaction with the songs on the DJ’s playlist. This prototype introduces a new paradigm to DJing in which the user has the capability to mix songs interacting with beat-units that accompany the DJ’s mix. For this type of interaction, the system suggests song slices taken from songs selected from a playlist, which could go well with the beats of whatever master song is being played. In addition the system allows the synchronization of multiple songs, thus permitting flexible, coherent and rapid progressions in the DJ’s mix.  BeatJockey uses the Reactable, a  musical  tangible  user  interface  (TUI),  and  it  has  been designed to be used by all DJs regardless of their level of expertise, as the system helps the novice while bringing new creative opportunities to the expert.
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