Acquisition and Study of Blowing Pressure Profiles in Recorder Playing

TitleAcquisition and Study of Blowing Pressure Profiles in Recorder Playing
Publication TypeMaster Thesis
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsGarcia Diaz-Castroverde, F.
preprint/postprint documentstatic/media/Garcia-Francisco-Master-Thesis-2010.pdf

The aim of this work is to acquire, study and model the blowing pressure pro files during the real performance of the recorder. Among all the possible performer gestures that take place in real performance, i.e. blowing pressure, finngering or embouchure, the blowing pressure has been selected as the most representative and measurable.

A direct acquisition system was developed with pressure sensors. Two prototypes were designed and the second one was improved by a recorder luthier in order to acquire more accurate and reliable measurements. After that, a professional recorder player performed a recording script that was designed in order to cover a representative subset of the di fferent performance techniques. The recordings of the sound and the gesture shape the multimodal database.

The analysis of the blowing pressure pro files was done looking carefully at four analysis dimensions: pitch, articulation, dynamics and note duration. A set of features was de fined and studied in order to characterize temporally the pro files. An initial temporal model was developed for certain features.