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An Analysis to the Guitar Lab's gesture acquisition prototype with the aim of improving it

Title An Analysis to the Guitar Lab's gesture acquisition prototype with the aim of improving it
Publication Type Master Thesis
Year of Publication 2011
Authors Pérez Torres, H. M.
preprint/postprint document
Abstract Our concern in this Thesis is to study gestures in classic guitar, it covers research made in the Mields of gestures analysis, sensors, gesture acquisition models and guitar gestures. Recent papers and books along with other Thesis are presented as scientiMic background for this project which is mainly inspired by the research of Guitar Lab 1, in fact their gesture acquisition model is used as a starting point, with the goals of (1) improving the gesture acquisition system and (2) get a deeper analysis of gestures that could help Guitar Lab's research towards expressivity. With regard to the gesture acquisition prototype, it is based on capacitive sensors that are able to detect the presence and pressure over a fret of the guitar a brief analysis of the original model is made to demonstrate it's capabilities and its weakness, the capacitive sensors were renewed using new components, an addition to the hardware was made by placing a linear potentiometer that detects the position of the thumb in the back of the neck of the guitar. The renewed prototype was probed and an deep analysis of the achievements and failures of the model is presented. Towards one of the aims of the Guitar lab to use the prototype for an application different to the gesture analysis, we created an augmented guitar using the sensors as controllers to generate sound and trigger music samples.