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Identification of Audio Titles on Internet

Title Identification of Audio Titles on Internet
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2001
Authors Neuschmied, H. , Mayer H. , & Batlle E.
Abstract The increasing usage of the Internet for the distribution of audio content and the increasing number of audio broadcasting stations require new supporting tools and methods for the observation of occurrence frequencies and of possible copyright-infringements.
This paper describes a general approach for the identification of audio titles and its application on Internet observation. The concept of an AudioDNA is developed, allowing a highly compressed representation of a sequence of acoustic events. Audio titles are identified by using a sequence matching method which determines similarities between observed and reference AudioDNA stored in a database. This method is implemented in an highly scaleable architecture allowing to identify several audio titles in parallel. The first results with this system are very promising, only highly distorted audio titles are not identified correctly.
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