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Afasia the Ultimate Homeric One-man-multimedia-band

Title Afasia the Ultimate Homeric One-man-multimedia-band
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2002
Authors Jordà, S.
Abstract In this paper we present Afasia, an interactive multimedia performance based in Homer’s Odyssey. Afasia is a one-man digital theater play in which a lone performer fitted with a sensor-suit conducts, like Homer, the whole show by himself, controlling 2D animations, DVD video and conducting the music mechanically performed by a robot quartet. After contextualizing the piece, all of its technical elements, starting with the hardware input and output components, are described. A special emphasis is given to the interactivity strategies and the subsequent software design. Since its first version premiered in Barcelona in 1998, Afasia has been performed in many European and American countries and has received several international awards.
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