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repoVizz: a Framework for Remote Storage, Browsing, Annotation, and Exchange of Multi-modal Data

Title repoVizz: a Framework for Remote Storage, Browsing, Annotation, and Exchange of Multi-modal Data
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2013
Conference Name ACM International Conference on Multimedia (MM'13)
Authors Mayor, O. , Llimona Q. , Marchini M. , Papiotis P. , & Maestre E.
Conference Location Barcelona
Abstract In this technical demo we present repoVizz ( ), an integrated online system capable of structural formatting and remote storage, browsing, exchange, annotation, and visualization of synchronous multi-modal, time-aligned data. Motivated by a growing need for data-driven collaborative research, repoVizz aims to resolve commonly encountered difficulties in sharing or browsing large collections of multi-modal data. At its current state, repoVizz is designed to hold time-aligned streams of heterogeneous data: audio, video, motion capture, physiological signals, extracted descriptors, annotations, et cetera. Most popular formats for audio and video are supported, while Broadcast WAVE or CSV formats are adopted for streams other than audio or video (e.g., motion capture or physiological signals). The data itself is structured via customized XML files, allowing the user to (re-) organize multi-modal data in any hierarchical manner, as the XML structure only holds metadata and pointers to data files. Datasets are stored in an online database, allowing the user to interact with the data remotely through a powerful HTML5 visual interface accessible from any standard web browser; this feature can be considered a key aspect of repoVizz since data can be explored, annotated, or visualized from any location or device. Data exchange and upload/download is made easy and secure via a number of data conversion tools and a user/permission management system.