Content-based Transformations

TitleContent-based Transformations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsAmatriain, X., Bonada J., Loscos A., Arcos J. L., & Verfaille V.
Journal TitleJournal of New Music Research
AbstractContent processing is a vast and growing field that integrates different approaches borrowed from the signal processing, information retrieval and machine learning disciplines. In this article we deal with a particular type of content processing the so-called content-based transformations. We will not focus on any particular application but rather try to give an overview of different techniques and conceptual implications. We first describe the transformation process itself, including the main model schemes that are commonly used, which lead to the establishment of the formal basis for a definition of content-based transformations. Then we take a quick look at a general spectral based analysis/synthesis approach to process audio signals and how to extract features that can be used in the content-based transformation context. Using this analysis/synthesis approach we give some examples on how content-based transformations can be applied to modify the basic perceptual axis of a sound and how we can even combine different basic effects in order to perform more meaningful transformations. We finish by going a step further in the abstraction ladder and present transformations that are related to musical (and thus symbolic) properties rather than to those of the sound or the signal itself.
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