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Reactblocks: A 3D Tangible Interface for Music Learning

Title Reactblocks: A 3D Tangible Interface for Music Learning
Publication Type Master Thesis
Year of Publication 2014
Authors Parra-Damborenea, J.
Abstract In this thesis, we report on the development of the tangible user interface Reactblocks. The device allows children to explore and manipulate physical objects to understand and learn abstract musical concepts through play, engaging multiple senses (in this case touch, vision, and auditory) in a constructive process. Prior work has explored the potential of blocks in the domain of edutainment systems for children aimed at learning music. The work presented in this thesis adopts the same perspective but attempts to explore a larger number of combinations, being aware of children's capabilities. Two prototypes were designed, implemented and tested, the former technically and the latter both technically and functionally. Moreover, we designed a musical application that fits with the characteristics of the Reactblocks. This application was then tested with 17 children (aged 5-8) by using two different modes, in order to study quantitatively whether any of these modes encourages the reproducibility of well-known children songs.