Perceptual Validation of Chord Estimation Evaluation Standards

TitlePerceptual Validation of Chord Estimation Evaluation Standards
Publication TypeMaster Thesis
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsCuarón-Sánchez, J. A.
AbstractIn the last years chord estimation has become important in Mu- sic Information Retrieval (MIR). The abundance of algorithms has driven a need for effective evaluation methods that are able to depict correctly their accuracy. In the last six years, one of the greatest ef- forts for this task has been done by MIREX, improving progressively with each yearly edition. To better portray the results, MIREX makes use of diffrent chord vocabularies for this task. For the simpler chord vocabularies, more complex chords are mapped to simpler versions that contain shared notes. This simpli cation makes the assumption that the chords are very similar and can be considered as equivalent for said vocabulary. In this work, a test is proposed in order to validate that the mappings of more complex chords to simpler chords are perceptually relevant from a user centered perspective.