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A Rule-Based Approach to Extracting Relations from Music Tidbits

Title A Rule-Based Approach to Extracting Relations from Music Tidbits
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2015
Conference Name 2nd Workshop on Knowledge Extraction from Text, WWW 2015
Authors Oramas, S. , Sordo M. , & Espinosa-Anke L.
Conference Start Date 18/05/2015
Publisher Sheridan Communications
Conference Location Florence, Italy
Abstract This paper presents a rule based approach to extracting relations from unstructured music text sources. The proposed approach identifies and disambiguates musical entities in text, such as songs, bands, persons, albums and music genres. Candidate relations are then obtained by traversing the dependency parsing tree of each sentence in the text with at least two identified entities. A set of syntactic rules based on part of speech tags are defined to filter out spurious and irrelevant relations. The extracted entities and relations are finally represented as a knowledge graph. We test our method on texts from, a website that provides tidbits with facts and stories about songs. The extracted relations are evaluated intrinsically by assessing their linguistic quality, as well as extrinsically by assessing the extent to which they map an existing music knowledge base. We present encouraging results in both evaluations since our system produces a vast percentage of linguistically correct relations between entities, and is able to replicate a large part of the knowledge base.
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