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Study of Daily Noise Exposure to Avoid Hearing Loss in Musicians

Title Study of Daily Noise Exposure to Avoid Hearing Loss in Musicians
Publication Type Master Thesis
Year of Publication 2015
Authors Expósito Pérez, M.
Abstract Excessive noise exposure damages hearing and affects directly to quality of life, but it is something that people usually don’t take too much into account. Sometimes this noise is too high and short and you can’t avoid it, but other times, this noise is softer (but dangerous too) and people assume that exposure without knowing that it will damage their hearing system and produce noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). This second profile is much related with musicians hearing problems, because musicians are exposed in orchestras and other ensembles to excessive sound pressure level and their hearing is being damaged without their knowledge until they notice they listen much worse. In this project, 10 musicians have been measured while they were practicing and playing their instruments to analyse the noise levels each instrument produces. Some questionnaires have been filled for other musicians to analyse their daily activities and if those activities will aggravate their hearing loss risk. It has been computed that musicians are really in risk of NIHL and if they would like to avoid it without any protection, they should play very short periods of time every day (for example, violinists should be exposed only 72 minutes, saxophonists 30 minutes and flutists just 35 seconds).