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Sound Effect Taxonomy Management in Production Environments

Title Sound Effect Taxonomy Management in Production Environments
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2004
Conference Name 25th AES International Conference. Metadata for Audio
Authors Cano, P. , Koppenberger M. , Herrera P. , Celma Ò. , & Tarasov V.
Abstract Categories or classification schemes offer ways of navigating and having higher control over the search and retrieval of audio content. The MPEG7 standard provides description mechanisms and ontology management tools for multimedia documents. We have implemented a classification scheme for sound effects management inspired by the MPEG7 standard on top of an existing lexical network, WordNet. WordNet is a semantic network that organizes over 100,000 concepts of the real world with links between them. We show how to extend WordNet with the concepts of the specific domain of sound effects. We review some of the taxonomies to acoustically describe sounds. Mining legacy metadata from sound effects libraries further supplies us with terms. The extended semantic network includes the semantic, perceptual, and sound effects specific terms in an unambiguous way. We show the usefulness of the approach easing the task for the librarian and providing higher control on the search and retrieval for the user
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