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Percussion-related Semantic Descriptors of Music Audio Files

Title Percussion-related Semantic Descriptors of Music Audio Files
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2004
Conference Name AES 25th International Conference
Authors Herrera, P. , Sandvold V. , & Gouyon F.
Conference Location London
Abstract Automatic extraction of semantic music content descriptors has traditionally focused on melodic, rhythmic and harmonic aspects. In the present paper, we will present several music content descriptors that are related to percussion instrumentation. The “percussion index” estimates the amount of percussion that can be found in a music audio file and yields a (numerical or categorical) value that represents the amount of percussion detected in the file. A further refinement is the “percussion profile”, which roughly indicates the existing balance between drums and cymbals. We finally present the percussivity descriptor, which represents the overall impulsiveness or abruptness of the percussive events. Data from initial evaluations, both objective and subjective will also be presented and discussed.
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