Knowledge Is Out There: A New Step in the Evolution of Music Digital Libraries

TitleKnowledge Is Out There: A New Step in the Evolution of Music Digital Libraries
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsOramas, S., & Sordo M.
Journal TitleFontes Artis Musicae
Journal Date10/2016
Start Page285
AbstractMusicological knowledge is spread between the lines of thousands of texts stored in hundreds of music libraries. Technology, and more recently semantic technologies, may play a key role in the way information is retrieved. In this article, an analysis of the evolution of music digital libraries from a technological perspective is presented. Then, a methodology to exploit implicit knowledge present in collections of text documents is proposed. The described methodology is applied over a set of 16,707 artist biographies gathered from Grove Music Online. A knowledge graph is then created after applying a process of information extraction. Several insights are extracted from the data to illustrate the possibilities of the proposed methodology for musicologists. Finally, an extension of the methodology is proposed to combine different data sources, and illustrated with the creation of a flamenco music knowledge base.
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