Computational modelling of expressive music performance in hexaphonic guitar

TitleComputational modelling of expressive music performance in hexaphonic guitar
Publication TypeMaster Thesis
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsSiquier Peñafort, M.
AbstractComputational modelling of expressive music performance has been widely studied in the past. While previous work in this area has been mainly focused on classical piano music, there has been very little work on guitar music, and such work has focused on monophonic guitar playing. In this work, we present a machine learning approach to automatically generate expressive performances from non expressive music scores for polyphonic guitar. We treated guitar as an hexaphonic instrument, obtaining a polyphonic transcription of performed musical pieces. Features were extracted from the scores and performance actions were calculated from the deviations of the score and the performance. Machine learning techniques were used to train computational models to predict the aforementioned performance actions. Qualitative and quantitative evaluations of the models and the predicted pieces were performed.
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