A System for Matching the Tuning in a Recording

TitleA System for Matching the Tuning in a Recording
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
Conference NameAudio Technologies for Music and Media International Conference
AuthorsTamer, Y. B., & Bozkurt B.
Conference Start Date31/10/2013
Conference LocationAnkara, Turkey
AbstractThis paper presents a new tuner system implemented in Java. The main difference from existing tuners is the use of one or more recordings as reference instead of theoretical presets. The target here is to help the musician to tune her instrument as in one or more given recordings. For that purpose, first, the fundamental frequency analysis is performed for the given recordings. Then, pitch distributions are obtained and matched to get an overall distribution plot. Finally, on the main display panel of the tuner, the real-time frequency estimate from the input signal is plotted together with the pitch distribution. The musician adjusts her instrument to match the frequency estimate of the input signal with a peak of the histogram to perform the tuning operation.
preprint/postprint documenthttps://zenodo.org/record/1211603#.WsOEiNNua8o