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Similarity and Style in Electronic Dance Music Drum Rhythms

Title Similarity and Style in Electronic Dance Music Drum Rhythms
Publication Type PhD Thesis
Year of Publication 2018
University Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Authors Gómez-Marín, D.
Advisor Jordà, S.
Academic Department Department of Information and Communications Technologies
Abstract This thesis presents original research carried out in the topic of electronic dance music (EDM) drum sequencing, a fundamental and yet underdeveloped subject in the music production literature. The work undertaken is focused in two main areas: similarity between drum patterns and modeling of drumming style. The study of pattern similarity is rooted in current knowledge on human processing of monophonic rhythms, and is expanded until a model capable of predicting similarity sensations of polyphonic drum rhythms is reached. With this model, RhythmSpace, a graphical system for the continuous real-time exploration of drum pattern collections, is developed. The second area of research, drumming style modeling, is approached from a statistical perspective, developing a generative model capable of learning styles from examples and creating original drum patterns in the learned styles. This model allows high-level musical flexibility, letting a musician combine and transform styles in real-time during the generative process. Taking advantage of this model, a style-based drum machine application, DrDrums, is implemented and evaluated in subject-based experiments.
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