Automatic Tonal Analysis from Music Summaries for Version Identification

TitleAutomatic Tonal Analysis from Music Summaries for Version Identification
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
Conference NameAES 121th Convention
AuthorsGómez, E., Ong B., & Herrera P.
AbstractIdentifying versions of the same song by means of automatically extracted audio features is a complex task to achieve using computers, even though it may seem very simple for a human listener. The design of a system to perform this job gives the opportunity to analyze which features are relevant for music similarity. This paper focuses on the analysis of tonal and structural similarity and its application to the identification of different versions of the same piece. It describes the situations where a song is versioned and several musical aspects are transformed with respect to the canonical version. A quantitative evaluation is made using tonal descriptors, including chroma representations and tonality, combined with the automatic extraction of summary of pieces through music structural analysis.
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