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Acquisition of violin instrumental gestures using a commercial EMF device

Title Acquisition of violin instrumental gestures using a commercial EMF device
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2007
Conference Name International Computer Music Conference
Authors Maestre, E. , Bonada J. , Blaauw M. , Pérez A. , & Guaus E.
Conference Start Date 27/08/2007
Conference Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Abstract This paper presents a method for the acquisition of violin instrumental gesture parameters by using a commercial two-sensor 3D tracking system based on electro-magnetic field (EMF) sensing. The methodolgy described here is suitable for acquiring instrumental gesture parameters of any bowed-string instrument, and has been devised by paying attention to intrusion, flexibility, and robustness. After reviewing relevant related work in the field, we give an overview of the application context, pointing out some basic needs to be fulfilled for our research purposes. Then, we present the steps for calibrating the system, followed by details on the computation of a number of relevant instrumental gesture parameters. The use of a number of the extracted parameters to perform score-performance alignment and database automatic annotation is also outlined. Finally, we conclude stating next steps in using acquired data, along with further developments of the methodology.
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