Transposing Chroma Representations to a Common Key

TitleTransposing Chroma Representations to a Common Key
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
Conference NameIEEE CS Conference on The Use of Symbols to Represent Music and Multimedia Objects
AuthorsSerrà, J., Gómez E., & Herrera P.
Conference Start Date08/10/2008
ISBN Number88-7595-010-5
KeywordsAcoustic signal analysis, Information retrieval, Multidimensional sequences, Music, Symbol manipulation
AbstractChroma representations of musical excerpts are nowadays very popular and used for a wide variety of applications. Within these, transposition to a common key or tonality can represent an important aspect, usually having a dramatic impact to final system's accuracy. We present and evaluate a new and straightforward way for transposing two chroma representations to a common key that outperforms previous methods based on key estimation and that, without detriment of accuracy, is computationally faster than trying all possible transpositions. In addition, we also provide some insights into the internal organization of this new tool, suggesting it would organize transposition indices in a coherent manner.
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