Lead vocals separation

Blind separation of lead vocals from a polyphonic music mixture. High-latency algorithm performing pitch tracking with timbre models and the separation. Additional separation of residual (breathiness) components and fricative phonemes are added to increase the realism of the isolated vocals.

  • Original:
  • Vocals 1 :
  • Vocals 2 (residual):
  • Vocals 3 (residual and fricatives):
  • Mute version:

Drums and bass separation

Blind separation of percussion and bass line from a polyphonic music mixture. Low-latency algorithm performing the separation in real-time using harmonic/percussion signal decomposition.

  • Original:
  • Drums:
  • Bass:

Application examples

Source Separation can be used for various musical purposes in music applications beyond intrument isolation. We provide next two examples:

  • Drums reinforcement (original / -6dB / +6dB):

  • Singer replacement (original / resynthesis* / replacement):

    *Singing Synthesis using Vocaloid.