Conference Calls

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Event_Date Acronym Workshop Title Location Submission (remaining)sort icon URL Attended?
2008 Jul 2 CIM2008 Fourth Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology Thessaloniki, Greece expired URL 1 2
2008 Dec 5 SAMT2008 3rd International Conference on Semantics and digital Media Technologies Koblenz, Germany expired URL No
2008 Jul 7 ICALIP-2008 International Conference on Audio, Language and Image Processing 2008 Shangai, China expired URL 1
2008 Sep 19 ECML-08-WPL ECML/PKDD-08 Workshop on Preference Learning Antwerp, Belgium expired URL No
2009 Jan 18 MMCN 2009 Sixteenth Annual Multimedia Computing and Networking California , America expired URL No
2008 Dec 15 ISM 2008 IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia Berkeley, California, USA expired URL No
2008 Jun 18 CBMI-2008 Sixth International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing London, UK expired URL No
2009 Oct 26 ISMIR-2009 International Conference on Music Information Retrieval Kobe, Japan expired URL 1 2
2009 Oct 19 ACM-MM-2009 ACM Multimedia 2009 Beijing, China expired URL No
2008 Dec 9 WI-08 International Workshop on Web Personalization, Reputation and Recommender Systems Sydney, Australia expired URL No
2009 Feb 11 AES 35th Conference AES 35th International Conference - Audio for Games London expired URL No
2009 Oct 5 MMSP-2009 2009 International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing Rio de Janeiro, Brazil expired URL No
2008 Jul 8 MML2008 International Workshop on Machine Learning and Music Helsinki, Finland expired URL 1
2009 Jul 23 SMC 2009 6th Sound and Music Computing Conference Porto, Portugal expired URL 1
2009 Jun 14 SemTech-2009 2009 Semantic Technology Conference San José, CA, USA expired URL No
2009 Mar 16 UnlockingAudio 2 Unlocking Audio 2 - Connecting with Listeners London, UK expired URL No
2009 Aug 31 ICME-2009 International Conference on Music and Emotion 2009 Durham University, UK expired URL No
2009 Oct 5 KDIR-2009 International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Information Retrieval Madeira, Portugal expired URL No
2009 Aug 31 M&E-2009 Music and Emotion 2009 Durham, UK expired URL No
2009 Jun 14 ICML-WSMMA-2009 ICML 2009 Workshop on Sparse Methods for Music Audio Montreal, Canada expired URL No
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