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Shape-based spectral contrast descriptor

Title Shape-based spectral contrast descriptor
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2009
Conference Name Sound and Music Computing Conference
Authors Akkermans, V. , Serrà J. , & Herrera P.
Pagination 143-148
Conference Start Date 25/07/2009
Conference Location Porto, Portugal.
Abstract Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients are used as an abstract representation of the spectral envelope of a given signal. Although they have been shown to be a powerful descriptor for speech and music signals, more accurate and easily interpretable options can be devised. In this study, we present and evaluate the shape-based spectral contrast descriptor, which is build up from the previously proposed octave-based spectral contrast descriptor. We compare the three aforementioned descriptors with regard to their discriminative power and MP3 compression robustness. Discriminative power is evaluated within a prototypical genre classification task. MP3 compression robustness is measured by determining the descriptor values' change between different encodings. We show that the proposed shape-based spectral contrast descriptor yields a significant increase in accuracy, robustness, and applicability over the octave-based spectral contrast descriptor. Our results also corroborate initial findings regarding the accuracy improvement of the octave-based spectral contrast descriptor over Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients for the genre classification task.
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