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Audio Transformation Technologies Applied to Video Games

Title Audio Transformation Technologies Applied to Video Games
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2011
Conference Name 41st AES Conference: Audio for Games
Authors Mayor, O. , Bonada J. , & Janer J.
Conference Start Date 02/02/2011
Publisher AES
Conference Location London, UK
Abstract In this paper we present a set of spectral domain audio transformation technologies developed by the authors and some existing and proposed applications of these technologies in video games. The technologies include real-time voice transformation and tempo/pitch transformation for music. Voice Transformation is mainly used to create new character's voices modifying existing recorded material but also for transforming the player's voice in real-time in a singing game. Tempo/Pitch transformations are more focused in transforming background music to create different sound atmosphere for different scenes in a video-game. Audio Transformation techniques are very useful to reduce sound creation/recording costs but also for reducing the size of the game without compromising the quality of the sound. Moreover, these real-time techniques offer new attractive sound features to the game.
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