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Quantifying Masking in Multi-track Recordings

Title Quantifying Masking in Multi-track Recordings
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2010
Conference Name Proceedings of SMC Conference 2010, Barcelona
Authors Vega, S. , & Janer J.
Conference Start Date 21/07/2010
Conference Location Barcelona
Abstract It is known that one of the most important tasks in mu- sic post-production is equalization. Equalization can be applied in several ways, but one of the main purposes it serves is masking minimization. This is done so that the listener can appreciate the timbral qualities of all instru- ments within a musical mix. However, the study of mask- ing between the different instruments of a multi-track mix has not received a lot of attention, and a quantitative mea- sure based on perceptual studies has not yet been proposed. This paper presents such a measure, along with a study of masking between several common instruments. The mea- sure proposed (cross-adaptive signal-to-masker ratio) is in- tended to serve as an analysis tool to be used by audio engi- neers when trying to combat masking using their preferred equalization techniques.
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