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Small world networks and creativity in audio clip sharing

Title Small world networks and creativity in audio clip sharing
Publication Type Journal Article
Year of Publication 2012
Authors Roma, G. , Zanin M. , Herrera P. , Toral S. L. , Font F. , & Serra X.
Journal Title International Journal of Social Network Mining (IJSNM)
Volume 1
Issue 1
Pages 112-127
Abstract Sharing communities are changing the way audio clips are obtained in several areas, ranging from music to game design. The motivations for people to record and upload sounds to these sites are likely to be related to social factors. In this paper, we describe several networks that can be extracted from user activities in these systems. We propose the notion of creativity as an objective for this kind of community, and how some indicators of creativity can be extracted. We investigate the relationship between the network properties and the creative outcome indicators through an empirical analysis of data from, a widely used website for sharing audio clips.
Final publication 10.1504/IJSNM.2012.045108