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Expectation Along The Beat A Use Case For Music Expectation Models

Title Expectation Along The Beat A Use Case For Music Expectation Models
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2007
Conference Name International Computer Music Conference
Authors Hazan, A. , Brossier P. , Holonowicz P. , Herrera P. , & Purwins H.
Abstract We present a system to produce expectations based on the observation of a rhythmic music signals at a constant tempo. The algorithms we use are causal, in order be fit closer to cognitive constraints and allow a future realtime implementation. In a first step, an acoustic front-end based on the aubio library extracts onsets and beats from the incoming signal. The extracted onsets are then encoded in a symbolic way using an unsupervised scheme each hit is assigned a timbre cluster based on its timbre features, while its inter-onset interval regarding the previous hit is computed as a proportion of the extracted tempo period and assigned an inter-onset interval cluster. In a later step, the representation of each hit is sent to an expectation module, which learns the statistics of the symbolic sequence. Hence, at each musical hit, the system produces both what and when expectations regarding the next musical hit. For evaluating our system, we consider a weighted average F-measure, that takes into account the uncertainty associated with the unsupervised encoding of the musical sequence. We then present a preliminary experiment involving generated musical material and propose a roadmap in the context of this novel application field.
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