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Extending voice-driven synthesis to audio mosaicing

Title Extending voice-driven synthesis to audio mosaicing
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2008
Conference Name 5th Sound and Music Computing Conference
Authors Janer, J. , & De Boer M.
Conference Start Date 30/07/2008
Conference Location Berlin
Abstract This paper presents a system for controlling audio mosaicing with a voice signal, which can be interpreted as a further step in voice-driven sound synthesis. Compared to voice-driven instrumental synthesis, it increases the variety in the synthesized timbre. Also, it provides a more direct interface for audio mosaicing applications, where the performer voice controls rhythmic, tonal and timbre properties of the output sound. In a first step, voice signal is segmented into syllables, extracting a set of acoustic features for each segment. In the concatenative synthesis process, the voice acoustic features (target) are used to retrieve the most similar segment from the corpus of audio sources. We implemented a system working in pseudo-realtime, which analyzes voice input and sends control messages to the concatenative synthesis module. Additionally, this work raises questions to be further explored about mapping the input voice timbre space onto the audio sources timbre space.
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