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An extended version of the best paper presented at the workshop will be published in Computer Music Journal (MIT Press). In addition, a few other highly rated papers from the workshop will be considered for possible inclusion in Computer Music Journal.


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International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Music

Held in conjunction with IJCAI2007, The Twentieth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Hyderabad, India
January 6-12, 2007

With the explosion and quick expansion of the music collections available on the Internet and, more generally of the music in digital formats, a key challenge in the area of musical information management is the automation of the annotation, indexation and organization of music based on its semantic content. One of main deficiencies in the current music organization and processing systems is the existing semantic gap between low-level features or content descriptors that usually can be obtained in an automatic manner and the richness of musical information. One of the key issues for bridging the semantic gap in music technology is the ability to process music based on its content. Content-based processing is a well established term that covers very sparse areas like analysis, indexation, search, and transformation of signals produced by an audiovisual source. In the music context, content-based processing is a very fruitful research topic where currently lots of efforts are being devoted and in which artificial intelligence plays a central role. The term music processing covers all types of music knowledge representations used, including MIDI and score representations.

MUSIC-AI 2007 intends to continue a series of events related to artificial intelligence and music that have been held either in conjunction with artificial intelligence conferences or international music-related conferences. The presence of such events and the increasing number of contributions they receive indicates that the application of artificial intelligence techniques to the development of music processing systems is an active, exciting and significant area of research which has become an established field of research that is recognized by both the AI and music communities.

The workshop concentrates around the topic of content-based music processing and will welcome contributions describing artificial intelligence approaches in this context. The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers who are using artificial intelligence in musical applications, providing the opportunity to promote, present and discuss ongoing work in the area. MUSIC-AI 2007 is planned to last one full day, and will feature paper presentations, panel discussions and open discussions. Accepted contributions will be available from the workshop web page as soon as possible in order to encourage active discussion during the workshop.