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Score Level Timbre Transformations of Violin Sounds

Title Score Level Timbre Transformations of Violin Sounds
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2008
Conference Name International Conference on Digital Audio Effects
Authors Pérez, A. , Bonada J. , Maestre E. , Guaus E. , & Blaauw M.
Conference Start Date 01/09/2008
Conference Location Espoo, Finland
Abstract The ability of a sound synthesizer to provide realistic sounds depends to a great extent on the availability of expressive controls.

One of the most important expressive features a user of the synthesizer would desire to have control of, is timbre. Timbre is a complex concept related to many musical indications in a score such as dynamics, accents, hand position, string played, or even indications referring timbre itself.

Musical indications are in turn related to low level performance controls such as bow velocity or bow force. With the help of a data acquisition system able to record sound synchronized to performance controls and aligned to the performed score and by means of statistical analysis, we are able to model the interrelations among sound (timbre), controls and musical score indications.

In this paper we present a procedure for score-controlled timbre transformations of violin sounds within a sample based synthesizer. Given a sound sample and its trajectory of performance controls: 1) a transformation of the controls trajectory is carried out according to the score indications, 2) a new timbre corresponding to the transformed trajectory is predicted by means of a timbre model that relates timbre with performance controls and 3) the timbre of the original sound is transformed by applying a time-varying filter calculated frame by frame as the difference of the original and predicted envelopes.
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