KaleiVoiceKids: Interactive Real-Time Voice Transformation for Children

TitleKaleiVoiceKids: Interactive Real-Time Voice Transformation for Children
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
Conference NameThe 9th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children
AuthorsMayor, O., Bonada J., & Janer J.
Conference Start Date09/06/2010
Conference LocationBarcelona
AbstractIn this paper we describe the adaptation of an existing Real-time voice transformation exhibit to the special case of children as the interacting subjects. Many factors have been taken into consideration to adapt the body interaction design, the visual feedback given to the user and the core technology itself to fulfill the requirements of children. The paper includes a description of this installation that is being used daily by hundreds of children in a permanent museum exhibition.
preprint/postprint documenthttp://mtg.upf.edu/files/publications/KaleiVoiceKids_82.pdf