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Automatic Recognition of Samples in Musical Audio

Title Automatic Recognition of Samples in Musical Audio
Publication Type Master Thesis
Year of Publication 2011
Authors Van Balen, J.
preprint/postprint document
Abstract Sampling can be described as the reuse of a piece of another artist's recording in a new work. This project aims at developing an algorithm that, given a database of candidates, can detect the origin of samples in a song. The problem of sample identi fication as a music information retrieval task has not been addressed before, it is therefore fi rst de ned and situated in the broader context of sampling as a musical phenomenon. The most relevant research to date is brought together and critically reviewed in terms of the requirements a sample recognition system must meet. The assembly of a ground truth database for evaluation was also part of the work and restricted to hip hop songs, the fi rst and most famous genre to be built on samples. Techniques from audio fingerprinting, remix recognition and cover detection, amongst other research, were used to build a number of systems investigating di fferent strategies for sample recognition. The systems are evaluated using the assembled and annotated database and their performance is discussed in terms of the retrieved items to identify the main challenges for future work.