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An Internet Browser Plug-in for Real-time Audio Synthesis

Title An Internet Browser Plug-in for Real-time Audio Synthesis
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2004
Authors Alonso, M. , Geiger G. , & Jordà S.
Abstract In this paper we present an Internet browser plug-in for real-time sound synthesis. The plug-in uses the Pure Data (Pd) sound synthesis engine, and allows flexible and transparent sound generation and control embedded into webpages. Pd is a general sound synthesis language that is based on the MAX graphical programming paradigm. It can be used to construct and implement a broad range of sound synthesis algorithms and paradigms, ranging from standard sample playback to interactive sound generation and manipulation. The plug-in is cross-platform and runs on Windows, OSX and Linux platforms. Versions for Windows Internet Explorer as well as for Netscape/Mozilla have been developed. The plug-in opens a wide range of new possibilities for the presentation of dynamic multimedia content, where sound plays an important role and the playback of static sound files is not sufficient.
The data format used by the plug-in (the pd patch), has to be transmitted over the net, is very small in size and thus perfectly suitable for low bandwidth connections. Examples of potential applications are games, adaptive sound backgrounds, interactive sound installations, web sites, collaborative music on the web, education and e-learning. The first implementation of the Pd plug-in has been written for a project in collaboration with the Catalan theater group ”La Fura dels Baus”.
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