Attention as musical interplay of bottom-up accents and expectation

TitleAttention as musical interplay of bottom-up accents and expectation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
Conference NameGOSPEL Workshop
AuthorsGrachten, M., Marxer R., Hazan A., & Purwins H.
AbstractFar from being passive and static, human perception is increasingly recognized as being an active process that involves expectation. We present a framework for modeling the human listening process in the context of melody perception. Grounded in empirical data, the framework has been adjusted to mimic attention allocation of newborns and adults with or without musical training. We focus on the modeling of tasks of higher order cognition and consequently use symbolic input streams. The setup consists of three layers (1) feature detection, (2) saliency integration of bottom-up change detection and top-down expectation, and (3) allocation and strength calculation of attention.
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